Why MBA is better than PGDM?

MBA or PGDM? You must have pondered upon this question while you were searching for the ideal management program for you. Though what you’re essentially searching for is an MBA program, you realize that some of the business schools you really want to get into are actually offering a PGDM program instead. Why is it called PGDM, a diploma program, and not an MBA degree program?

The MBA and PGDM do not differ when it comes to acceptance in the industry or for higher studies.

Both programs teach management skills, and it’s the quality of education imparted by the b-school, its unique value propositions, track record of its alumni and the value that the graduates bring to the table that matter to recruiters. In fact, in b-schools offering a one year ‘certificate’ program in management, also called PGPM or PGP or other names depending on the b-school, recruiters do not even differentiate between these students and the PGDM students. Hiring is done purely on the basis of work experience, background and skill requirements of the recruiter and how the students fit their criteria.

The same can be said for pursuing higher education, such as a PhD or a Fellowship program. The PGDM Diploma is just as valid for pursuing a PhD as an MBA degree is. At the undergraduate level, a degree was always perceived to have a higher value as compared to a diploma. But in case of post graduate courses, such as management programs, the quality and value offered by the b-school and the program determine value, and not the nomenclature.

Business schools (or private MBA colleges) offering PGDM can revise their curriculum in response to changing business needs and industry behavior. They can quickly adapt new models, tools and technologies to deliver cutting edge education to their students. Universities undergo such revision in a time-based manner, mostly in 3 to 5 years.

Private b-schools offering PGDM courses can also benefit students by inviting visiting faculty from around the world for an enhanced learning experience. In addition to these, business schools that especially offer an on-campus PGDM program also focus on overall development of students through soft-skill and leadership based courses and activities, extra-curriculars and an intense industry interaction through guest lectures.

If you are looking forward to investing two years of their life in any of these highly indulging programs, you must completely understand their value propositions, offerings and industry perception before making any decision.

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