This is a very common query that comes to the mind of each and every graduate who wants to pursue an MBA as a career. The very petite answer to this question is “equally”. Masters of Business Administration-MBA is a post graduates program that will provide you with abstract, theoretical, and applied training in various traits of business like economics, operations marketing, basic accounting, corporate finance, etc. There are certain merits and demerits of each option i.e. whether to go with pursuing an MBA or to gain some work experience. We want to make a picture in your mind about doing an MBA with or without work experience. So, before making your last call go through these points-

  • Fresher’s who opt for MBA right after their graduation will be placed in the subordinate or mid management divisions whereas others having some years of work is likely to be placed in superior or upper-middle management level.
  • Someone with a few years of experience is more likely to understand the course materialas and when taught in class and is likely to give genuine examples and case studies because he/she is very much conscious of the challenges whereas a fresher is likely to work from a peaceful mental tactic.
  • In the admission system, all other factors being about the same for two eligiblecandidates, the one with the work experience will get the preference.
  • At the time of campus placements that will be conducted after the course accomplishment, if the person who has certain work experience is applying for an industry which is not in streak with the previous industry where he has worked, it will not be calculated as a significantknow-how.
  •  A person with a few years of work is more likely to save some money to help in his/her further studies.
  • You are more likely to be in a better professional position with more moneymaking capability with much more active connections than your collegepals who are pursuing a job.

Hence, whichever option you choose, the above points surely will help you in your decision, read through them and celebrate the time of your graduation without much tension.

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