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There are many different paths you can take with your BCA degree, some of which are more obvious than others. With this in mind, it can be hard to figure out what would be the best approach for you or what career roles may be available to you once you graduate with your BCA degree. This blog post will help clear up these questions and present some of the many different options you can pursue with your Bachelor of Computer Applications degree

Data scientist

Data scientists are needed in every industry, and business analysts are no exception. In fact, if you’re interested in working with numbers, there may be few better ways to do so than by working as a data scientist for a company or an entrepreneur. After gaining some experience at a larger firm or small-business owner, it’s possible to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur and start an analytics consulting business.

Cloud Computing

With IT skills always in demand, computer science graduates are not short of opportunities. The dynamic nature of today’s business world requires IT experts to apply their knowledge to develop solutions that help improve processes and stay abreast with technological advances. Companies hire students of computer science or Information Technology (IT) with a bachelor’s degree to work as programmers, software engineers, database administrators and systems analysts.

Project Management

If you’re taking up a career in project management, there are many places you can use your BCA degree. Corporate world offers many opportunities for professionals with good project management skills. Start-ups are growing rapidly in India and all over the world, hence more and more start-ups require some professional help from people with good project management skills.

 There is also a huge demand of project managers in non-profit organizations who work towards improving our society through social initiatives. Finally, if you love to travel and want to see different parts of our country or even other countries then one option is to take up a job as a tourist guide where again you will need your communication skills along with some basic knowledge about history or culture of that place.

IT Security

A hot career option with excellent pay packages and a promising future, IT security is an ideal career choice for those looking to explore their creativity and work independently. Due to better personalization in how we use technology, consumers are demanding high levels of privacy protection and transparency about how their data is being used. This job requires immense knowledge of cyber security threats and assurance as well as strong communication skills which make it one of India’s most in-demand careers at present.


As a BCA student, you’re more than prepared to be an excellent consultant. You understand how businesses work and how they differ from each other, making you a valuable resource in any business. Before entering consulting full-time, check out your options as a freelancer or at an agency. The best consulting jobs require relevant industry experience—get it while you’re still a student by doing pro-bono work.

Technical Writing

Do you know how many job openings there are in the technical writing field? What about a typical software company is looking for when recruiting new employees? The professionals of technical writing function as liaisons between developers and users by translating complex information into language that everyone can understand. Their role is often underestimated, but in reality these specialists are really important, since their task is to make sure users know how to use software correctly.

 User Experience Design

The User Experience Design Industry is Expanding at an Alarming Rate. User Experience Design Specialists are in High Demand. If you’re fascinated by technology and love to create, a career as a User Experience Designer could be perfect for you. In today’s world, everything is digital and has some sort of user interface associated with it; everything from your smart phone to your car to your home security system utilizes some sort of interaction between users and machines.


The Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA professional is the most popular course curriculum followed in computers and information technology (IT) colleges. A BCA course provides a practical way for students to get into the field of IT in India, with numerous career opportunities.

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