Workshop on Data Science & Personality Development

TC BUSINESS SCHOOL organized a workshop on Data Science & Personality Development. Students participated in this activity and grab the opportunity to learn about the data science from Industry Experts. Also they got the instructions and understand, how to behave in the Industry. The attire of a person talks a lot in the Industry.

Effective communication skill is a must-have skill for data scientists, but it’s something that is easily overlooked. Lack of this skill can lead to inefficiencies in projects and misinterpretation of actionable insights, which overall can be costly for any company. Our job as data scientists/analysts isn’t just looking at the numbers. We are the people who provide actionable insights and come up with data-driven recommendations. After analyzing the data, we’ll need to interpret the results to the business stakeholders and help them take timely business decisions. As a result, being able to interpret your work to stakeholders and actually put your analysis and recommendation to use is extremely important.

Communication and public speaking skills are the areas I’m still working on improving. Of course, there is always something about ourselves we can improve on. The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. In this blog, I want to share some tips we’ve learned from the Training Solutions (ETS), and how this training has helped me better communicate with stakeholders and colleagues, and hopefully, you will find them helpful too!

Believe it or not, simply by sitting or standing comfortably, you can instantly boost your confidence. When we smile, we tend to feel happier. The same may be true for confident body language. When we sit and speak comfortably as if we are talking to our friends, we may indeed feel more relax and confident.

What does it mean to be a good listener? A good active listener would engage with the speaker and ask questions. In school, we were not trained to ask stakeholders questions, because the questions were usually provided by the teachers. However, in solving real-world problems, we first need to understand the business problem the stakeholder is trying to solve, and then look for the data. Even if you have many years of experience working as a data scientist, you’ll still need to listen to the business context carefully, because you don’t want to waste hours working on an analysis and the stakeholder tell you that you misunderstood the request. I find it helpful to turn off any notifications when I’m in a meeting. This way, I can stay focused, avoid side conversations, and ask clarifying questions.

Being someone who onboarded virtually during the pandemic, I haven’t met any of my colleagues in person. At first, I found it hard to establish a strong relationship with colleagues. Virtual increases distance. Ingrid recommended us to look at the camera when we speak.

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