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With the emergence of globalization in the world, computer knowledge has become prominent to survive in this technological world. The usage of this highly functioned machine is not only limited to one aspect but to the various fields. Information technology is a big field which has a wide scope of sprinkling careers for aspiring candidates.

The branches in information technology vary to a wider extent starting from the core subjects like Database management system, operating, system, software engineering, software analysis, and design, computer architecture,  etc and the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Data Analytics, IoT, Cybersecurity, Information security system, Network Administration, and many more.

The field also comprises different languages like C, C++, C#, JAVA, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, Advance JAVA, Ruby, Python, etc. This also consists of different platforms like MVC Architecture & .Net

These all branches have their own curriculum and importance as well scope for a career in big Corporate Giants, Fortune 500 companies, Educational Institutions as well as Government Organizations.

There are various career opportunities for an IT graduate like he/ can be a Software Engineer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Website Developer, System Engineer, Information Security Officer, System Tester, Hacker in Government Intelligence Department, or a professor/faculty in any Educational Institution.

Why Choose BCA?

BCA is a three-year degree that comprises six semesters and the curriculum includes the latest technological subjects which are the demand of today’s technological world. BCA is also a great weapon to build your fundamental skills in the field of technology so as to pursue MCA and become an expert in the specialized field.

The BCA is a low-budget course that is equivalent to the other Bachelor’s degrees in the same domain. The expertise in the field of information technology gives you a tool to make your dream career in reputed IT firms worldwide.

It enhances your knowledge of computers and their related technologies so that you can be a world leader and a techno-geek in this fast pacing world full of technological advancements.

The knowledge of computers is the demand of today’s digitalized world as you can’t imagine the world without technology today. Indian Government website is an excellent example of digitalization as it was developed by IT professionals only and the participative audience is also the one who is skilled with knowledge of Computers.

Companies which are looking for BCA graduates

The big IT giants visit various universities for campus placement like TCS, WIPRO, ACCENTURE, MICROSOFT, HCL, CAPGEMINI, CHEGG, ERICSSON, and INFOSYS for finding the best suitable candidates to take their companies at a higher level making the brand name stronger.

Not only the IT giants but the Fortune 500 companies also hire a large number of IT professionals because every company has its IT wing which is a backbone to every organization with respect to various aspects like server, internet, database, website, and many more.

There are so many Universities in Rajasthan that are providing the BCA course with the latest curriculum that matches the pace of this digital world, however, TC Business School is one of the best colleges in Rajasthan to pursue BCA.

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