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It’s no secret that finding the right college can be a daunting experience, particularly when you’re searching for an online MBA program rather than a business-related degree from your local college or university. There are so many business schools out there and it can be hard to choose which one to attend! You need to find the right school that fits you best, but sometimes you don’t know where to start looking.

 If you’re thinking about getting an MBA, TC Business School can help you attain your career goals through providing world-class education, services, and resources, including experienced faculty and hands-on learning opportunities.

At TC Business School, we’re proud to offer you the education and skills needed to succeed in today’s business world. Our MBA program can help you advance your career and attain any of your goals. Read on to learn more about why TC Business School should be your first choice when deciding on the best business school for you!

Practical Training

Achieving success in the business world requires more than just financial knowledge; it also requires skills and experiences that can only be acquired through time spent working in an industry and honing your craft.

At TC Business School, we understand that people learn at different paces, with different teaching styles, and so we strive to find the right balance between theory and practical application, tailoring our program to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible while still remaining flexible enough to meet your needs.

Practical Experience

Your educational experience is just as important as what you learn. The schools, coursework and professors are responsible for shaping how you view business and creating a framework of knowledge to build upon throughout your career.

Our focus on ethics, international business, and sustainability instill in our students practical, innovative thinking skills to help them become successful CEOs or leaders in their field. To make sure we accomplish that goal.

Placement is Our Ultimate Goal

One of our prime focus is to place our students in top MNC companies. We aim to place more than 80% of our batch at various places around India and abroad. Excelling in placements is one of our prime goal, in fact it is a cornerstone of our success. Our faculty team consists of people who have taught at B-schools themselves, who’ve been through placements and have established successful careers in their respected areas.

The Campus Life

There’s no other place quite like our campus. It’s not only a beautiful, safe, and modern setting but also a vibrant hub of activity—academically and socially. Our students frequently get together with professors outside of class to talk shop, co-workers to practice team-building exercises, or take part in informal conversations over lunch. We regularly hold mixers, networking events, debates and conferences throughout the year.

These opportunities not only help you build professional networks outside of school but can also help spark new business ideas. We provide all these resources because we believe it helps make your time at TCBS more productive and enjoyable than anywhere else.

The Faculty & Alumni Network

The faculty and alumni network of a business school is incredibly important, especially in terms of career outcomes. Studies have shown that graduates who have a strong relationship with their professors and fellow students are essential.

So it’s crucial that you choose a program where its educators will go out of their way to help its graduates get ahead; they will serve as a great support system long after graduation day! With over thousands of alumni dispersed across various countries around the world, TC Business School has one of the largest networks in India.


In a classroom setting, our faculty members bring decades of experience to each and every class. Even if you already have years of business knowledge under your belt, don’t be surprised if our professors end up challenging—and expanding—your perspective on important business topics. We offer MBA courses in several specializations, including accounting and finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship and international business.

The course curriculum is based on a multi-modular approach that combines lectures, seminars, interactive sessions and online training.

Teaching Methodology

Many of our class modules include hands-on exercises so that students can experience concepts as they learn them. Students are also encouraged to regularly engage with peers through discussion forums that facilitate feedback from other members of their class.

This will provide valuable opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, build relationships and actively contribute to discussions in their classrooms. In order to foster effective learning outcomes, all instructors at TCBS are dedicated professionals who have years of teaching and industry experience across diverse sectors.


To sum up, TC Business School offers an MBA which is both personal and professional. You will get one-to-one attention from the teaching staff that studies your profile and feeling about business, so you will always be able to decide your way of working. Additionally, you will always have someone to talk to if you feel stuck or are not sure what step to take next. 

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